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Grumpy Chickens

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I spent some of the day making a holiday-themed peppermint soap and hanging with my girls–chicken girls, that is. I’m hoping the soap turned out well (*fingers crossed!), but I won’t find out until I unmold it. I did get a chance to edit and upload a couple of chicken videos, though. 🙂

In the first video (you can click here to see it), I share our new bottle watering system, as a follow up to my chicken tractor video. The second video is just me sittin’ with a chicken (or two). Actually, they were two pretty grumpy chickens, but I still enjoyed their company. It was great to take a few minutes out of my day to relax outside with feathered friends.

The girls and I hope you enjoy watching!

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  • Walker McKnight on October 4, 2016

    That chicken may be grumpy, but also gorgeous. The colors! Golden and red, too pretty. But what made them grumpy, and how can you tell? What’s does an affectionate chicken look like?

    • Author
      H. A. O'Connor on October 4, 2016

      Thank you, Walker! I think the girls are gorgeous and I’m sure they’d agree!

      Regarding their grumpiness, I think it was just that I was trying to film them and not holding them comfortably. I love sitting with them, because for the girls to relax in your arms, you have to be relaxed. It’s a bit like forced meditation, maybe, but it works for me. 🙂 It took a while to learn their “language,” but they really do make different sounds depending on their mood and the situation. They make soft , cooing-type sounds when they’re happy, stronger sounds with an irritated edge to them when they’re grumpy, and funny, gurgly sounds when they’re excited over a new treat. I could go on, but for your sake, I won’t. 🙂 I’ll try to get a pic/video sometime, when they’re being cuddly and affectionate!

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