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H. A. O'Connor

Funky chickens!

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What does summertime mean around your house? Around here lately, it’s meant funky chickens. That is, funky nest boxes and pimped out coops. All right, that last one might be a stretch, but either way, our girls are digging their new… digs. Check them here, if you’re feelin’ it. Catch you on the flip side […]

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H. A. O'Connor

Pre-Release Time!

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The things that happen when you’re caring for foster pups…. My sequel just became available for pre-order and, for now, it’s available at a discount! (Release date January 1st!) Pre-Release 25% off SALE!

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Newest release! Take a peek:

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  • Got the chance to be out standing in a field yesterday (finally!) Happy to spend the day with @rusticaesthetic and other creative friends! #EclecticTable #Thanksforbuyingmybooks
  • It's what's for dinner 😋 #booberryandbeer
  • The little engine that could... #rescuedog #littleoldNellie
  • Picking up one of his boys from school #puppylove
  • I was right, this one's a boy! (See those dots on his wings?) He's flying (I learned that the hard way), but not well enough to be released just yet. Soon! #monarchbutterfly


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