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Jan 05

Newest Release!

Turns out that while I was lost editing someone else’s lovely book, the second book in my Watcher series, When No One’s Watching, was released! I had a little trouble finding it in both formats at first. (Those who know me well, know technology–of essentially any kind–and I haven’t exactly become BFFs yet.) Although I’m sure most everyone is more adept at navigating the interwebs 😉 than I am, I’ll include the links here, in case you’d like to give it a peek online:



Online purchase links:

Paperback via Amazon

Kindle version via Amazon


Barnes and Noble




Dec 04

Holiday Giveaway!

‘Tis the season for giving–and reading, apparently! My publisher, Wings ePress, has just announced a Holiday Giveaway that allows readers to pick a free book of their choosing. It’s as simple as deciding which Wings’ book you’d like to read–for FREE–and entering that title when you fill out the attached coupon. Then, you’ll go to and download that ebook–you guessed it–for FREE. (Promotion runs for the month of December.)

Hypothetically speaking, if you were interested in reading my soon-to-be-released sequel, When No One’s Watching, but hadn’t yet had the chance to read its predecessor, My Watcher’s Eyes, you could get the first book for free and reserve the sequel at its pre-release reduced price of 25% off. Two ebooks for a total of $2.99. Not too shabby, eh?

img_0322   img_0341

Whether or not you decide to purchase one of my titles, I hope you’ll stop by Wings and pick up your free book. Served best curled up by a warm fire with some tasty nog or cocoa! Enjoy! Wishing you and yours an early Happy Holidays!