Imbolc, Ready or Not!

Confession: sharing this post makes me feel like I’ve left the house for the day, smiling and cheerful, but only half-dressed.  The cheeriness arises from the fact that…holy winter, we’ve somehow reached Imbolc! The other part of what I’m feeling–the part that puts the pink in my cheeks–comes from some recent changes I’ve made to the website, which have left it only almost-ready to face the world. (That reminds me: many apologies for the duplicate posts that were sent out yesterday! Shouldn’t happen again…although, with me at the helm, you can never say never.)

My missing clothes?
Image via pixabay/wilhei

Regardless, the website will get there and Imbolc has already arrived!

Yes, you heard that correctly: Imbolc. The Gaelic calendar’s first day of spring. Right, that Imbolc. Also right: spring and first and day. What’s that you say? Snow still on the ground? Below freezing temperatures? Oh, well, there is that. I didn’t exactly say spring had sprung for all of us, but if you really want to press me on it…spring has arrived in some parts–including the west coast of Ireland, the land from which Imbolc’s spring first sprung.

We, my friends, are currently round about the midpoint between the winter solstice and spring (vernal) equinox, which means even if spring hasn’t shown its pretty face near you yet, it is on its way. At this very moment,  spring is skipping, strolling, hiking, and–yes–even strutting to a nature near you.

Image via pixabay/Larisa-K

Imbolc is a time of: rebirth, renewal, fertility, freshness, warmth, light. Good things, every last one.

Soon, the trees will be all a-chatter (with birds, of course–you understand). The bushes will be all a-bud, and the plants all a-sprout. Can’t you almost catch the scent of that fresh, green air? The chill of the damp, misty morning? The promise of the warm, mid-day sun?

Photo via Unsplash/Tanja Heffner

Yes? (You said yes, didn’t you?) Oh, good. Well, then. Go grab your herbal tea, your coffee, last year’s dandelion wine and join me in a toast: Here’s to a very Happy Imbolc!

(Cheers and Sláinte and not another word about it being too early. It’s springtime somewhere!)



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