Aug 12

A Few of My Favorite Things

Today’s topic occupied far too many of my childhood thoughts–maybe it did for you, as well. From my first school fire drill, I became terrified by the idea that my house might catch fire. (I also began chanting “Stop, drop, and roll” under my breath like it was the key to opening Ali Baba’s cave.) …

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Aug 09

The Other

Who is this “Other?” Only one of the most common characters in fiction–and unfortunately, in life. I first heard the term “Other” in a college literature course, although the concept was already familiar. In fiction, The Other is a character who is seen as being fundamentally different from the dominant group, destined to remain separate and unaccepted. …

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Jul 27

Sharing Some News, 7-27-16

Signed my publishing contract today (Woohoo!) and work is already getting started on releasing my sequel asap! 😀 (Looks like it will be available for pre-order December 1st and the release date should be January 1st.) (Also put up a youtube video on how we made our chicken tractor. The girls say “Hi!” at 08:00!)

Jul 25

The Noble Act of the Dumpster Dive

Think about it, just for a moment. Dumpster diving probably doesn’t conjure up pretty images for most of us. Not for me, either. The other morning, though, I was needing a little self-TLC, feeling tired and a bit lost, so of course I found myself on youtube, looking up videos of Nigerian Dwarf Goats. What …

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Jul 24

Hello, Before I Fade Again

Okay, maybe that title is a tad bit dramatic, but Hyperbole is my middle name, so…. Besides, it’s not that far from how I feel right now. Actually, at the moment, I’m feeling a little like Wonder Woman. No invisible jet or unbreakable bracelets, but I’ve been enjoying more energy, fewer aches and pains, and a clearer, …

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Jun 14

The Parent Files: Parenthood Bloopers

Today, I’m delving into one of my areas of expertise: parenthood bloopers. Come on, admit it.  If you’re a parent, aunt/uncle, babysitter, etc., you’ve been there, haven’t you?  I sure have. Here are some of my many, many blooper moments as a parent:   Image via Unsplash/Drew Hays I’ll start with my oldest child.  When …

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Jun 08

Not to Speak

Not to speak ill of anyone, but to speak the truth. Not to speak out of turn, but to speak out of need. I have a story to tell, for someone. She’s not a relative and there’s no need to wonder about my friends on Facebook or connections on Twitter; she’s not there. Nor is …

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May 31

Eddie Vedder Once Walked Beside Me, But I’m Over It

The other day, I was on Twitter and a person (to go unnamed) reached out to make a connection.  This was fine, the person was fine, everything was fine.  Except, there was this one little thing I noticed about her profile.  It was this: in her brief intro section, there was a line that said, …

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May 29

Hair and Now

Am I the only one who caught an ear worm from that title?  Luther Vandross?  1989?  Here and Now?  Pretty sure it was played during at least one of my proms.  Anyway, I’m showing my age, time to move on…. Today’s post has nothing to do with Mr. Vandross or with music of any kind.  This …

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May 16

The Wisdom of Chickens

I love our chickens.  I do.  When we first got them, I expected to like them, but I really have come to love these funny, feathered little girls.  Not only that, they’re far more interesting and intelligent than I ever would have guessed.  Here are some life lessons I’ve learned while watching chickens: Beautiful baby …

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