Apr 05

Spring is here, no matter what the thermometer says!

It’s April 5th, so what did I wear to run the kids to their dental and orthodontic appointments this morning?  A lightweight cotton shirt, with another lightweight cotton shirt (okay, cardigan) on top.  It’s spring, damn it, and apparently I’m willing to suffer to prove it.  (Didn’t prove anything, by the way, except that I’m a really poor outfit planner.  I froze this morning.)

Yes, the thermometer read a balmy 26 degrees when I shivered my way into my car, but I refuse to believe I’m the one at fault.  Mother Nature, you seem to be a little confused, dear.  Please check the calendar and get back to us.

It may feel like winter out there, but I have pictures to prove otherwise:

20160405_143009_HDR     20160405_142144

Baby plants, waiting patiently in their nursery for the big, bad Frost Monster to head North.  Plus, sunshine and blossoms.  Need I say more?

Maybe just this: please return our spring, Mother Nature.  We’ll be happy to accept, no questions asked.


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