Apr 10

Sunday on the sofa

It’s Sunday here, April 10th, and the snow(!) from yesterday has melted.  While we wait for spring to return, we’re all doing a little relaxing indoors.  One of my dogs, Tess, a mixed-breed rescue (who was named–by my family–after my main character in My Watcher’s Eyes), seems to have made it into a science.  In fact, I’m starting to suspect she’s becoming a true couch potato and, quite possibly, spending her free time watching Seinfeld episodes when we’re not around….

20160409_190145    It might just be me, but I’d say she’s a George Costanza fan.

george costanza

Image courtesy of The Seinfeld Show (unable to find additional attribution)

I’m beginning to think it’s time for all of us to get up off the couch….  Snowy or not, I say we all go out and seize the spring!

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