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H. A. O'Connor

Confirmed Mutt

Ethereal, Searching for Inspiration 6 Comments
Confirmed Mutt

I wanted to write this post earlier, but my eye doctor dilated my pupils, so I couldn’t see well for a chunk of the day. (Brief aside: does anyone else get completely disoriented when they have their pupils dilated? I felt like because I couldn’t see, I also couldn’t hear right or think right, and […]

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H. A. O'Connor

Descended from Royalty?

Ethereal, Searching for Inspiration 2 Comments
Descended from Royalty?

Today, purely for research purposes, I took one of those online quizzes. It was entitled, “What Famous Person Were You in a Past Life?” I got Kurt Cobain as my result, which was weird because we were both alive at the same time. Maybe I should try tracing my ancestry back to Cleopatra, instead. Michelangelo, Cleopatra […]

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