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Hot Process Soap – *Ready to use quickly!* – Green Marble (Citrusy Bergamot)

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Hot Process Soap – *Ready to use quickly!* – Green Marble (Citrusy Bergamot)

When I recently noticed my family was running low on our homemade soap, I knew hot process was the way to go. Why? It’s easy to make (as long as you don’t mind dedicating a slow cooker to soap making–you might pick one up secondhand, if so). It’s also ready to use much sooner than […]

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H. A. O'Connor

Food on My Face: Homemade Makeup

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Food on My Face: Homemade Makeup

In honor of another Fun Friday, I thought I’d share my tips on making up makeup!  People seem to find it amusing that I wear food-based makeup.  (Can’t imagine why!)  Regardless of how strange the idea might sound, it’s simple, inexpensive, and easy to make!  Plus, I really like how it looks and feels on […]

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