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H. A. O'Connor

Thirteen Reasons Why I Believe in Witches

Earthy, Ethereal, For the love of animals, Searching for Inspiration 2 Comments
Thirteen Reasons Why I Believe in Witches

We all know witches are real…. Wait, we do, don’t we? I’m not talking about the warty, green-faced, Halloween kind (although I’d love, love to give that broomstick-riding thing a try)…I’m talking real, live witches who practice Wicca and other, related forms of neo-paganism. I’m not an expert in or a practitioner of any of […]

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H. A. O'Connor

Embracing Our Inner Witchiness

Ethereal, Searching for Inspiration 2 Comments
Embracing Our Inner Witchiness

Have you checked the date lately? Seems like as good a time as any to show our inner witchiness some love. Sound sketchy? Hear me out…pretty please? I’m not talking about anything dark. I’m also not talking about spells or potions, nor am I trying to convert anyone to the religion of Wicca. (I’m not […]

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