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Aug 28

Taking Back Sunday

No, not the band. The concept.

Today is the last Sunday of summer break, so it seems even more important than usual for my family to take back the day. Where did it go, you might ask? Oh, it was stolen–by the work, technology, and myriad of other distractions that fill virtually every minute of our daily lives.

We as a people are stressed, aren’t we?


Image via pixabay/dpkumarjt

Stress? Who’s stressed??!

The lines between worklife and homelife are increasingly blurred–in fact, many of us work from home, which has numerous benefits, but also means we lose much of the workplace’s social aspects along with the regularlity of a 9-to-5 day. Whether WorkAtHome-ers or not, we habitually toil through lunches, endlessly check emails, and often chug away at projects round the clock.

As for technology … ugh. People who know me well know technology and I aren’t the best of friends–in fact, we’re barely on speaking terms–but I won’t launch into (much of) an anti-tech diatribe here. Instead, I’ll sum it up with one thought: technology is supposed to make our lives easier. It has done so in many ways, except in the ways it hasn’t. In today’s world, we’re busier than ever. “Downtime” has become a foreign concept, as we jump from checking emails to texting to Pokemon Go-ing (you know I had to mention it) and so on. People are having an increasingly difficult time disconnecting from the constant barrage of information and stimulation. We hardly ever take the time to be–just be–anymore.

free images Sarah Vaughan

Image via FreeImages.com/Sarah Vaughan

Can’t we all agree to communicate through smoke signals??

So, today, this is what I want to do: be with my family.

Summer vacation is slipping through our fingers like sand. Working, texting, emailing, etc., will only make it spill faster.

This Sunday, therefore, the emails can quietly wait. The laundry can stay cuddled up in overflowing hampers. Yesterday’s unopened mail can rest easy alongside the general clutter, while outside, the weeds and grass get to soak up the sun and stretch a little taller. Today, those things can all just be–same as us.

elizabeth lies

Image via Unsplash/Elizabeth Lies

Time to be, grass

Yes, my family and I are taking back this Sunday and then we’re going to take a walk together–at a park, maybe through the woods, somewhere beyond where the voices of our neverending chores can be heard. We’ll eat together. We’ll talk and laugh and breathe. Today, we’ll pet our dogs and cat. Maybe we’ll sit with a chicken or a guinea pig in our lap.


Just be today, Charlie

My family will take back our Sunday because we deserve it–a day of rest, a day to enjoy living, a day to be.

Happy Sunday to you–hope you take yours back, too. 🙂