Sep 10

What was that?

Hold on, because you might think I’m weird when you start reading this. Hear me out, if you will.

I have a certain memory, and it serves as inspiration for some of my writing. Inspiration for what, exactly? A sexy male lead, of course. Or at least part of him. 

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Still reading? Okay, here’s the memory. Brace yourself.

I  dated this guy at one point in my life (vagueness absolutely intended). He was pretty cute, pretty confident, pretty cool. So, one day, we were talking and I said something too quietly, as I was occasionally known to do. He leaned in, kind of sexy like, and said, “What was that?”

Man, leaning. Nice. 

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Good stuff, am I right?

Are you laughing at me? Clearly, I need to explain.

Where exactly is the sexy? Well, never mind that he was a musician (I dated a few of those, so still being vague), or that he was probably tucking his longish hair behind his ear as he leaned in (grunge was kind of my thing when I was younger. Still vague, trust me).

The truly sexy part was this: he’d missed what I said and he was asking me to repeat it. Why? So he could hear it and, likely, respond. (He did.) *Bonus: the leaning in. There was a hint of intimacy there, of course, but he was also making sure he heard me the second time around.

Probably listening really, really well…

Image via pixabay/Ryan McGuire (edited from the original)

Now, you follow?

That’s right. Men who listen. Sexy.

…Actually people who listen, because I’m sure that road runs both ways.

Can I share a little more? One of the reasons I love writing so much is that I’m heard. If I can keep the reader’s interest, I mean. If not, that’s likely on me. Still, I’ve had plenty of moments in my life when what I was saying fell on deaf or distracted ears. Nope, not nearly as sexy or as cool or as nice as being heard.

Never mind the phone. I’m sure he’s a good listener.

Image via pixabay/Free-Photos (edited from the original)

So, the moral of my post?

…Well sure, if you’re a guy I dated at some point in my life, an aspect or two of your personality might find its way into my male characters. (Especially if you were one of the good ones. Happily, most were.)

That’s not a moral, though. The moral, then, must be this: be sexy. Listen when someone speaks to you. (Reading’s always nice, too, so thank you for that.) If the situation calls for it, you might even think over what the person has said and respond, accordingly.

Sex-y. That’s what I’m talking about.

Maybe he’s done a little too much listening…. Still sexy.

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    • sa on September 11, 2017 at 2:44 pm
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    Find a “man who listens”…oxymoron…maybe!

    1. Haha! In some cases, I’m sure! I think there are plenty who do, though…at least I hope so!

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